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Alicia Farricielli

About Alicia Farricielli Life and Spiritual Coach
About Alicia Farricielli Life and Spiritual Coach
I'm thrilled you're here.

As a Certified Life and Health Coach with over 20 years of experience as a business guru in dynamic industries, I'm on a mission to empower individuals to unlock their true potential and seize control of their destinies, extending this focus to everyone.

My extensive expertise spans marketing, sales, public relations, non-profits, event planning, entrepreneurship, and real estate, making me a valuable source of guidance and insight. My passion for breaking limiting beliefs and fostering lasting change inspires countless individuals to achieve success against all odds.

As an advocate for personal growth and empowerment, I'm dedicating my life to helping everyone reach their full potential and manifest their dreams, offering unwavering support, guidance, and boundless positivity. My commitment to empowering others with my personal experiences and professional knowledge is unwavering, as I believe that with the right mindset and guidance, individuals can overcome any challenge and discover their inner strength.

Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master (Kundalini Reiki Master), Certified Breathwork Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified EFT TFT Practitioner, Certified Ayurveda Coach, Certified Human Design Coach, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Sound Healer


Healing starts with trusting your intuition and letting that guide you through out your life.


Nurturing all aspects of your being—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—brings you to a state of profound harmony and balance that promotes lasting health and happiness.


Balance and harmony in life are attainable goals for everyone... including you.


Adopting an abundance mindset not only enriches our own lives but also positively impacts those around us, creating a ripple effect of growth and positivity.

Throughout my life, I've intimately acquainted myself with pain and fear. It often felt as though I was traversing an endless, lightless tunnel. However, a grander purpose was at play—a purpose that led me to a profound realization: by surrendering to the guidance of my soul, I could uncover the healing and transformation latent within me. Reclaiming my personal power emerged as the pivotal key to unlock the radiant light at the tunnel's end.

When shrouded by darkness, I made a conscious choice to seek out the glimmers of light. This wasn't an effortless or instantaneous process, yet my perspective gradually shifted, revealing a reservoir of strength within me that I had never fathomed. The epiphany that each of us possesses the capacity to shape our own realities is profoundly liberating, a guiding principle that continues to illuminate my journey.

Unearthing this inner strength demanded time and unwavering effort, but the dividends have been immeasurable. Today, I can assertively declare that the expedition to liberate myself from fear, worry, and doubt is complete—my soul now steers the course. I have been granted access to the boundless power residing within me, and it is my fervent wish that every soul embarks on this voyage toward true liberation.

I no longer feel confined by the limitations of my existence. As I traverse this ongoing odyssey, I am learning to embrace uncertainty and find solace in the enigmatic. With every step forward, I am wholeheartedly embracing personal growth, discovering the depth of my resilience. While our individual paths may diverge, the universal truth remains unaltered: liberation lies within our inner selves.

A spiritual sojourn beckons to each of us. It might initially be riddled with feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and burnout, as we relentlessly pursue something seemingly elusive. Yet, freedom awaits us when we turn our gaze inwards. I speak from experience, having trodden this very path. I have grappled with the same challenges and acquired the wisdom to transcend them by transcending the ego. Now, I stand here ready to guide you, to illuminate the possibility that this path is also open to you.

Together, we can unearth your authentic potential and embrace the gift of liberation

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"Intuition is the whisper of the soul, a guiding light through life's maze, turning the ordinary moments into extraordinary discoveries. It's in the quiet pause before a decision, the gentle nudge when we're at a crossroads, and the profound certainty in moments of uncertainty. Embrace this inner compass, for it is your most faithful guide in the journey of life."

- Alicia Farricielli

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As a certified life coach, I want to clarify that coaching is distinctly different from therapy. I am not a licensed clinical or medical practitioner. Therefore, my coaching services, including inner child work, cannot substitute for therapy or any other mental health treatment.

My free consultation and intake process ensure you are a suitable candidate for coaching. However, it remains your responsibility to seek any therapy or professional medical assistance you may require. My role is to provide supportive life coaching, not to diagnose or treat clinical conditions.

I look forward to exploring whether my coaching can complement any other professional care you may be receiving. My commitment is to hold space for your personal growth journey within the boundaries of my life coaching scope of practice.