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Reclaiming Your Feminine Power:
A 6-Week Inner Child Healing Journey

For the Woman Yearning to Reclaim Her Power, Passion and Purpose

Journey Begins August 1st

Are you a woman feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and unfulfilled?

You've tried everything to find balance, reignite your spark and answer that persistent inner call...but nothing has truly resonated or allowed you to embody the radiant, empowered woman you know you can be.

Until now...

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You may be successful on the outside, but inside you're grappling with:

  • Crippling self-doubt, people-pleasing and approval-seeking patterns

  • Dead-end relationships lacking depth, trust and intimacy

  • Emotional burnout juggling everyone's needs except your own

  • A constant inner critic echoing you're not good enough

  • Struggles with boundaries, codependency and uncontrolled emotions

  • Anxiety, insecurity and overthinking holding you back

  • A longing to express your creativity, gifts and Soul's calling

If these resonate, it's quite possible your inner child - that joyful, authentic spirit within - is crying out to be seen, heard and healed.

Ignoring her unmet needs may show up as...

  • Big emotional outbursts or childish reactions

  • Apathy, numbness or feeling chronically "stuck"

  • Addictive or self-sabotaging patterns

  • Unhealthy perfectionism and harsh self-judgment

  • Fears of abandonment and challenges receiving love

  • Physical symptoms, illness or chronic pain

  • Inexplicable restlessness and longing for "something more"

But there is another way forward...one rooted in self-love, compassion and reconnecting with the empowered, vibrant wholeness that's your birthright.

This intimate, transformative container is your initiation into awakening your sensuality, intuition, creative essence, and innate feminine radiance.

Through potent yet nurturing inner child work, you'll finally be able to:

Heal core wounds eclipsing your brilliance and self-expression

✨ Release limiting beliefs, people-pleasing and approval-seeking patterns

Build unshakable self-worth and self-trust to set healthy boundaries

✨ Process and communicate your emotions with self-compassion

Reignite your passion, purpose and zest for life

✨ Access profound self-reverence, pleasure and embodied presence

Champion your visions and desires without apology or self-sabotage

✨ Unlock your creativity, intuitive wisdom and sacred feminine power

Restore emotional resiliency and discover soul-nourishing sovereignty

This revolutionary curriculum carefully guides you to:

smiling woman wearing gray hoodie
smiling woman wearing gray hoodie
  • Uncover the root causes behind your self-doubt, overthinking, and emotional wounds

  • Integrate somatic practices and inner child work to heal limiting narratives

  • Reparent yourself with unconditional love, care and acceptance

  • Awaken self-attunement and trust in your innate feminine wisdom

  • Cultivate unshakeable self-reverence, boundaries, and confidence

  • Activate your erotic, creative, and sensual energies without shame

  • Live from your truest essence with passion, play and sacred purpose

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This step-by-step system, led by intuitive healer and inner child mentor Alicia Farricielli, provides all the tools to rebirth yourself as the radiant feminine leader you were born to be.

No more numbing out, people-pleasing or shrinking your desires. It's time to experience the magic and fulfillment that blossoms when you fully embrace your authentic, empowered womanhood.

The self-love revolution starts here.

But please, fair warning - this is NOT a band-aid solution

This is the real deal for women absolutely committed to doing the deep, liberating inner work required.

So if you're ready to finally release the false narratives, insecurities and armors keeping your feminine fire from blazing...

If you're prepared to rediscover joy, intimacy, creative flow and sovereignty like never before....

Then now is your moment to take the first step towards reclaiming the radiant, sovereign feminine power that's been patiently awaiting your rebirth.

The journey of remembering who you really are begins now.

One last opportunity to join this intimate initiatory experience before we begin August 1st!

Enroll now for only $333 lifetime access.

woman in white and yellow floral dress holding yellow flower
woman in white and yellow floral dress holding yellow flower